Mazlika / Texture and Physics (AND-001)







□Release Date: 2023 5.5 Fri.
□Title : Texture and Physics
□Artist: Mazlika
□Artwork : Aitone
□Design : A.N.D.
□Format: Cassette Tape+DLC
□Label: A.N.D.
□Product Number : AND-001

1 . Al
2 . Fe
3 . Pb
4 . Pt

1 . case01
2 . case02
3 . case03


'Texture And Physics'

Feeling the weight of it when holding it in your hand, senseing a smell and remembering something, the heat raises your body temperature. A year from now, you might not remember anything other than those experiences with complex physical sensations. The concreteness of experience, movements of Inside the body and emotion when receiving a stimulus are turned into sound sources.


Mazlika (Mnchr-m)
beat, abstract, hiphop, experimental, dub, electro, downtempoなどの要素を軸に、楽曲制作を行う。"Jasmine" 名義でのダンサーとしての活動を土台とし、音へ陶酔する身体感覚、身体の内側へスコープを向ける感覚を音源化する。クラブやアートスペースにおけるlive performance、映像作品への楽曲提供など、活動を展開。

Producing music based on elements such as beats, abstracts, hip-hop, experimental, dub, electro, and downtempo. Based on her activities as a dancer under the name of "Jasmine", she creates sound sources based on the physical sensation of being intoxicated by sound and the sensation of pointing the scope inside the body. She develops her activities such as live performances at clubs and art spaces, and providing music for video works.

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